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National Center for Homeless Education

More than a million youth are homeless every year. And it's hard to do homework when you don't have a home. Yet approximately 1.4 million children and youth will face that challenge this year.

Receiving an education is critical to breaking the cycle of homelessness in the lives of these children and youth. Federal law protects their right to a free, appropriate public education.

For more information on the rights of and services available to children and youth experiencing homelessness please contact your local homeless Education Liaison at 662-453-4231 Ext. 7064

The Greenwood Public Schools Parental Involvement Pledge

AS A PARENT, GRANDPARENT, OR CARING ADULT, I hereby give my pledge of commitment to help our communityís children achieve a truly independent future. My declaration of responsibility and commitment to my public schools is stated in these five self-evident truths as spoken by President Woodrow Wilson:

  • As Americans, we are the owners of the public school system.
  • As owners, we bear a responsibility to participate in the system.
  • Accountability for our public schools, their safety, and its employees and its funding rests with us and the rest of the systemís owners.
  • Our childrenís future depends on the improvement of the public schools.
  • And this improvement depends on our participation.

THEREFORE AS A PARENT,GRANDPARENT, OR CARING ADULT, I take personal responsibility for my childís safety and education and the safety and education of the children in this community.

2017 - 2018 Surveys

Click the link below to take the 2016 - 2017 Surveys.

Federal Program Downloads

»  Homeless Education Flyer»  ESEA Flexibility Request
»  GPSD 2016-2017 Federal Program Manual»  2018 - 2019 GPSD EL Plan
»  2018 - 2019 Homeless»  2018 2019 Parent Engagement School Compact
»  2018 - 2019 GPSD Parent Family Engagement Policy»  LIteracy Based Promotion Act Annual Report 2017-2018

Mr. Charles Johnson
Federal Program Director
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