Special Education

The Greenwood Public School District's Special Education Department is committed to the provision of high quality, accessible programs to ensure a free appropriate public education (FAPE) is available to meet the needs of all students with disabilities. To that end, this section summarizes the major parts of our special education program.

Too often staff members know the make-up and operations of their own school's special education program and how their own school operates, yet they know little about their counterparts at other schools in the District. This section summarizes what special education looks like across GPSD. So if you are asked, "What does special education look like in Greenwood?" here are answers. As of December 1, 2013, the District was serving a total of 305 students with disabilities between ages 3 to 21---285 in public school and 20 in private school. Students in each of the 13 disability categories were a part of the program. The special education department is currently comprised of 22 highly qualified special education teachers, including 2 speech pathologists, 15 special education assistants, and 3 part-time bus assistants, a special education director, child find coordinator, and a special education secretary.

Students with disabilities are served at each of the schools in the District. A range of placement options extending from general education placement with supplementary aids and services to home/hospital services is available to serve the students with disabilities in their least restrictive environment (LRE). We focus on inclusive practices in the education of students with disabilities yet we still match services to student needs. There are 5 students receiving their services outside of the school district to ensure they receive a FAPE. Some of the younger students we serve attend Head Start or day care. Students with disabilities who attend private schools as a result a parental placement receive an equitable and proportionate share of our funding based on a per pupil calculation.


Free Appropriate Public Education Part 1

Free Appropriate Public Education Part 2

Free Appropriate Public Education Part 3

Analyzing and Reporting Behavior

The Role of Educational Interpreters  


Name / PositionContact Numbers
Mrs. Linda Payne
(662) 644-0669 Ext. 7069 (Phone)
Mrs. Cheryl Smith
(662) 644-0678 Ext. 7078 (Phone)
Ms. Lisa Robinson
Child Find Coordinator / Psychometrist
(662) 644-0726 Ext. 7126 (Phone)

Greenwood Public Schools guarantee a free and appropriate public education for students with special needs, ranging from students with disabilities to the gifted/talented students. The district offers services for students with disabilities from age 3-20 as following:

Individualized Education Program
Screening, consultation, evaluation and referrals to Preschool Program Related Services, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and transportation.

Homebound Service
Transportation from school to work

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»  Literacy Instructional Capacity Survey Teacher Version»  District/School Infrastructure Analysis

Teacher Knowledge of Early Literacy Skills:

  • To be completed by all general education and special education teachers who provide primary literacy instruction or who support literacy instruction in (at least) grades K-3
  • Skills-based survey that has been validated in MS
  • Results reported in aggregate only

Literacy Instructional Capacity Survey-Teacher Version 2:

  • To be completed by all general education and special education teachers who provide primary literacy instruction or who support literacy instruction in (at least) grades K-3
  • Self-efficacy measure to gauge growth in perception of capacity over time
  • Anonymous survey with results reported in aggregate only

Infrastructure Analysis: https://goo.gl/forms/iW73Pob9naQI6H9c2

  • To be completed by all general education teachers, special education teachers, and school administrators in (at least) grades K-3
  • Anonymous survey to gather information regarding infrastructure within schools and also district support and IDEA indicators
  • Results reported in aggregate only

SPED 2015 Executive Summary

The Greenwood Public School District has reviewed the performance captured on the State Performance Plan (SPP)/Annual Performance Report (APR) for the Federal Fiscal Year 2012 as published in May 2014 (see attached SPP/APR District Performance Report, FFY 2012 (School Year 2012-2013). Upon a careful review of the published data, areas have been identified of success and areas of need in the various results and compliance indicators.

School Psychometrist and School Psychologist:

The Greenwood Public School District will provide comprehensive assessments for children (3 to 20 years) who are suspected of having a disability and who are in need of special education services. A comprehensive assessment is the gathering of information relating to the physical, language/speech, social/behavioral, emotional, and educational needs of the child. This information is used to determine the presence of a disability and in developing an Individualized Education Program (I.E.P.). The psychometrist and School Psychologist also evaluate students who have been referred for the gifted program.

Child Find:

The Greenwood Public School District would like to locate, identify, and evaluate all disabled students from 3 to 20 who are in need of, but not receiving special education services. The school district is providing free appropriate public educational programming for any child disabled educationally, physically, emotionally, learning disabled, hearing impaired, blind, language/speech impaired, autistic, or who has traumatic brain injury. If you wish to refer a disabled child who is not receiving special education services, please call Mrs. Linda Payne or Ms. Carissia Mayes at 662-453-4231 Ext. 7069

Gifted Program:

Student in grades 2-6 are being served in the gifted program. These students have an exceptionally high degree of intelligence as documented through the identification process. These students attend gifted classes for 5 hours per week where they are provided with qualitatively differentiated educational programs not usually available in the regular classroom. These programs are designed to enable the gifted students to realize their potential contributions to self and society.


Greenwood Gifted Program EGGSTRA

It is the philosophy of the Greenwood Public Schools that gifted students require a qualitatively differentiated curriculum taught in an atmosphere that allows students to take intellectual risks. We support and develop policies and practices that encourage and respond to the diverse expressions of gifts and talents in children and youth from all cultures, racial, and ethnic backgrounds, socioeconomic groups.

Goals Greenwood Gifted Program EGGSTRA

I. To provide an enrichment program of purposeful activities designed for the development of the process skills necessary to bring about meta-cognition and lifelong learning.

II. To provide career exploration opportunities appropriate for gifted children through interdisciplinary connections.

III. To provide activities and counseling that will support the social and emotional needs of gifted students in both self directed learning or group situations.

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