Student Dress Code

The board of trustees has approved a mandatory uniform policy for the Greenwood Public School District. All students will adhere to the dress code policy listed in the handbook.

We are preparing students for an ever-changing, global society. Therefore, the following dress code has been approved:

  1. To Improve School Security and School Safety
  2. To Promote Positive Discipline
  3. To Decrease Peer Pressure
  4. To Promote School Pride
  5. To Minimize Economic and Social Barriers among Students.

School Pants / Skirt Shirt
Davis Khaki / Navy Blue Maroon / White
Bankston Khaki / Navy Blue Red / Blue / White
Threadgill Khaki / Navy Blue Maroon / Blue / White
Williams Khaki / Navy Blue Green / White
Greenwood Middle Khaki / Navy Blue Maroon / Royal Blue / White
Greenwood High Khaki / Navy Blue Maroon / White

Specifications for all Schools
  1. Solid color with no logos, emblems, pins, or patches unless Greenwood Public Schools logo
  2. Must have collar and may be long or short sleeve (with or without pockets)
  3. All Male/Female students K-12 must have shirts tucked in (belt must be seen)
  4. No Sweatshirts
  1. Solid color with no logos, emblems, pins, or patches unless Greenwood Public Schools logo
  2. Must be a crew neck collar (round neck), Turtleneck, Mock Turtleneck, V-neck or cardigan (Cardigan and V-Neck must be worn over clothing.)
  3. No Sweatshirts
  4. Must not fall more than 2" below belt
  1. White only/short sleeved
Skirts, Shorts or Skorts
  1. Solid color with no logos, emblems, pins, or patches unless Greenwood Public School District logo
  2. No corduroy, sweat suit, wind suit, baggy pants, cargo, or carpenter shorts
  3. No pockets on sides of legs
  4. No sagging, oversized, or extremely tight fitting skirts/ shorts/skorts
  5. Must fit at the waist with a front waistband and belt loops (may be pleated or unpleated; cuffed or uncuffed
  6. Length shall come no higher than 2" from the top of the knee
  7. Skirts must not have a slit higher than the top of the knee
  8. *EXCEPTION: K-3 may wear elastic or no elastic with a belt or no belt
  1. Black or Brown
  1. Solid
  1. No heels higher than 2 inches
  2. No flip flops, house shoes, shower shoes
  3. Black, Brown or White
Jackets / Coats
  1. Black, Brown, or School Color
  1. No large jewelry or necklaces will be allowed
  2. No oversize earrings or hoops
  3. No body piercings
  4. No large or heavy chains
  5. No grills unless prescribed by dentist.


First Offense:
Letter of reminder: Warning sent to parents from the principal with the requirement that letter be signed and returned the following day. Additionally, the student must call parents to bring appropriate clothes for the day.

Second Offense:
Principal will call parents for a conference and to bring appropriate clothes for the day.

Third Offense:
In School Suspension (1) day; Parents must bring appropriate clothes.

Subsequent Offense:
Recommended Sanctions: Step 3-6 of Board Policy JD, Student Discipline.

All students will have 3 days after enrollment to comply with the dress code.

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