Vision Statement

The Greenwood Public School District is committed to the belief that the effective use of technologies will enhance the quality of teaching and positively impact the learning process. The District is committed to providing all schools with access to state-of-the-art information technology that will assist them in:
  • Becoming proficient in reading, writing, mathematics, and critical thinking,
  • Being prepared for the next level of education, and
  • Successfully attaining the skills and proficiencies required of today’s work force.

In addition, all administrators, teachers, and district/school staff will use technology daily to effectively help students attain high standards and prepare for tomorrow’s world of work.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Greenwood Public Schools Technology Department is to provide active leadership, quality support, and valuable resources to students, educators, parents, and communities which improve academic achievement and teacher effectiveness through the use of technology.

Technology Department

Name / PositionContact Numbers
Mrs. Brenda Smith
Techology Services
(662) 644-0665, Ext. 7065 (Phone)
Mr. Shannon Storms
Technology Technician
(662) 644-0622, Ext. 7022 (Phone)
Mr. Derone Belcher
Technology Technician
(662) 644-0665, Ext. 7065 (Phone)

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